Our team digital file package is the best and most cost efficient option for a team that loves photos. For a flat rate of $1,220*(shipping outside of NY) or $1,316* (shipping within NY), this cost can be split between your team.

YOU GET ALL THE DIGITAL FILES we take of your team all week long including action shots, team photos, and closing ceremonies (weather depending). Select images from opening ceremonies while you are here and we will include those as well at no additional cost (weather depending).

YOU ALSO GET A 40% PRODUCT AND POSTER DISCOUNT: There is a 40% discount on poster orders made by members of your team after the package is paid in full. (This product is nonrefundable so make sure your team is 100% committed before any payments are made. Will will start accepting payments as early as Tuesday the week your team is at the All Star Village.)

YOUR GALLERY WILL BE EXTENDED AN ADDITIONAL 2 WEEKS SO THAT YOU CAN MAKE YOUR PURCHASES FROM HOME IF YOU LIKE (otherwise, all galleries expire Sunday at midnight EST at the end of your week).

1. The purchase of our team package does not guarantee that more pictures will be taken of your team or that we will cover more of your games. What you are purchasing is a digital copy of each image in your gallery and a non-commercial copyright to reproduce in any way any or all the digital images in your team gallery that we take while you are here.

2. This product is non-refundable so make sure your team is 100% committed before any payments are made. Will will start accepting payments as early as Tuesday the week your team is at the All Star Village.

3. Because every team is wearing the same uniform in the opening ceremonies, we have no way of knowing which team is which. For that reason, if you would like the opening ceremonies photos to be included on your Team flash drive, you will need to favorite the images of your team under one account and let us know which account they are under so we know where to look. Once you are done, let us know the name those favorites are under and we will include them on your Team flash drive. You can call us at 607-542-9337, email us at, or Live Chat us when you have selected all the images of your team. We ask that you complete this while you are here, if possible, and one week after your team leaves camp at the latest.

4. Not every team will have photos from the opening ceremonies and skills competitions. We do our best to capture as many athletes and fans as possible.

5. Our photographers cover more than one game in a time slot, so games will not be captured in their entirety.

6. We try to accommodate requests regarding team members that have very few photographs by attempting to focus on those particular players as soon as we are notified there is a potential problem. Parents should be watching for photos of their particular player so that they can notify us after the Monday games have been viewed. That way we have the Tuesday and Wednesday games to try to get some photos of that player. Please wait until after the Monday games to let us know if there is a potential issue.

7. We don't take pictures after 7:00pm (the championship game will not be covered if it's after 7:00pm). This is weather dependent and time slots are subject to change base on the weather.

8. You will automatically be receiving all of the game photos we take of your team. You will also receive the team photos we take in front of the CASV sign.

9. One complete copy (we no longer offer extra copies of the USB drive because of the increased volume of teams and photos - we are constrained by bandwidth) will be shipped to the contact person on the Team contact sheet.

10.This will be accompanied by a fillable copyright release form on the Team flash drive.

11. The copyright release will give you the right to copy the flash drive for each person on the team so that each person can have their own copy, and to make prints, books, mugs, t-shirts, etc. etc. etc.

12.Your team will receive 40% off of all posters & prints you purchase after you pay for the team flash drive in full. (not including buttons, key chains, & magnets)

13.You will receive a code to enter into the shopping cart which will give you the 40% off. We give this code to the contact person on the Team package sheet and that person should email or otherwise deliver that code to each person on the team.

14.Your team gallery will remain online for two weeks after your team is scheduled to leave CASV so that you can make purchases from home with your 40% discount.

15. It takes approximately four-six weeks for us to ship out your single copy of the Team flash drive. We have recently increased our volume of photos per team and also teams per week so things are taking a bit longer than they have in the past. 

* Please note: The current pricing listed online is for the previous baseball season and is subject to change at the start of a new season.

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